Heat Safe Synthetic Wigs - DEFRIZZ THESE BABIES!!!

Hey gorgeous girlies! 
So I have decided to write a wee blog post for you all here, and it is in regard to HD wigs - Heat Defiant / Heat Friendly Synthetic fibre! (the photo here is the Jon Renau HAUTE wig in Heat Safe synthetic fibres!)
Soooooooo, there are many of us who have a bit of a "LOVE - HATE" relationship with these fibres, and there are so many reasons - so let us get in to :
Lets change to a "LOVE - LOVE" relationship!


First of all, let us just have a wee talk about normal day to day materials......

A wee simplified comparison is so:


Both these materials may be cleaned in the same washer and using the same fabric conditioner and same washing detergent - HOWEVER you do NOT treat them in the same way or expect them to behave the same way - Heat safe fibres on a wig or topper compared to standard acrylic synthetic wigs are pretty similar!


Jon Renau Synthetic Wig Care Kit - Wig Shampoo, Wig Conditioner, Wig protection spray at MIMO WIGS - UK - The Hairloss ExpertFor the most part, the care products you should use are the same - I personally use the Jon Renau Synthetic Care kit for both standard synthetic and also heat safe synthetic wigs. The Jon Renau Synthetic Care kit comes with Synthetic Shampoo, Synthetic Conditioning Spray, and the HD Detangler spray (for standard and HD wigs) as well as a wide tooth comb - perfect for all synthetic hair and created specifically to improve the longevity of your alternative hair! (the dark bottles are the new design packaging)


There is an additional product that I would ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND that is really VITAL for anyone who already owns, or wants to purchase a HEAT FRIENDLY synthetic wig - and that is the JON RENAU HEAT TREAT THERMAL PROTECT SPRAY. I have made a video to show this in use in a very simple manner and I hope that it helps you guys - at the end of the day, my aim is to help to educate you, and that ensures that your new alternative hair will last you as long as is practicably possible! I chose to wear the JON RENAU DREW Wig in this video, as this seems to be the culprit that most people tend to struggle with fibre wise - I have had drew for over a year, and never had to trim the ends at all - the reason? I USE THE HEAT TREAT THERMAL SPRAY before using my straighteners / flat irons to defrizz

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