COVID-19 UPDATE 25/03/2020

UPDATED 25 March 2020


Firstly, big hugs to all!
We have an important update for you regarding orders placed at MiMo Wigs in regard to the current COVID-19 situation.
We hope that you are all safe, and that the impact of COVID-19 to yourselves remains minimal.
Each country is affected with local policy and there are constant changes to guidance and recommendation to you all, and we are aware that there is a large unknown at present with the spread of this virus.
At present, we are operating as usual with receving orders, and continue to place daily orders with each of our suppliers.
We continue to use DHL EXPRESS for our shipping, and are updated by them regarding attempting to ensure services are kept as close to normal as possible.
MANY OF OUR USA PARTNERS / MANUFACTURERS have slight delays, however are still operating and shipping orders at this time as quickly as they can.
You CAN CONTINUE TO ORDER with us at MiMo Wigs. However, WE MAY EXPERIENCE SLIGHT DELAY in delivery.
We hope that you can understand that these circumstances are beyond our control, but we are dedicated to working hard and providing the highest levels of service and the soonest delivery to you all.
At MiMo, we do hold a high level of stock from many brands. We are going to soon list our inventory through our CLEARANCE section to let you all know which stock is available for immediate dispatch....... and want to offer that to you at a discounted rate.
We Already have rigorous controls to reduce the spread of infection to our clients. As hair goods are considered to be hygeine goods, WE NEVER RESELL any tried or worn wigs / hairpieces or any product return.
Any authorised returns to MiMo Wigs Ltd are returned to manufacturer, and this prevents the spread of infection or risk to yourselves.
It is known that the viral cells which lead to COVID-19 infection can live on items away from a human body for at least 7 days.
Items have never been tried on or worn by anyone else at MiMo Wigs, and have come direct from manufacturer for your safety.
At MiMo, we do inspect each item prior to dispatch to yourself.
For added security and safety, we are ensuring use of alcohol hand gel as well as hand washing with antimicrobial products prior to handling any goods.
We are also providing Nitrile Gloves to be worn prior to package any products for yourselves. Please stay safe, and feel free to reach out to us by EMAILING HERE if you have any questions or concerns.
We are experiencing a higher than usual contact rate at present.
Please Know that we will respond to any queries as soon as is practicably possible, although this may take longer than is usual.
Please contact us by email or text message, as at present we are limited in the call volume we can take.
To request information on your order, please state ORDER NUMBER in every mail and we will respond as soon as we can. 
Our thoughts and love sending to each and every one of you and your Families from ours in these uncertain times.
Big Hugs,
The MiMo Wigs Team
 x o X o x