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DESCRIPTION:Jon Renau 8" EasiPart HD topper is a new addition for Spring 2018.This one-piece volumizer, (also available in lengths of 12 and 18 inches), adds instant thickness and body, clipping in quickly for all-day comfort. The ultra natural feeling HD fiber can be styled with heat and parted in any direction. SPECIFICATION:Hair Type: Heat Defiant SyntheticBase Size: 2.75" x 5"Base: Topper, for parting hairloss / early stage hairlossBase Type: Single Monofilament, PU perimeter - with pressure sensitive clipsColour Shown: 12FS8 - Shaded PralineLengths: 8"
The Majority of wigs in an average cap size will fit the majority of the population. This however, is not everybody. We are all unique. 
As a general rule of thumb, 

PETITE WIG CIRCUMFERENCE: 51-54cm (20-21.25 inch)

AVERAGE WIG CIRCUMFERENCE: 54-57cm (21.25-22.5 inch)

LARGE WIG CIRCUMFERENCE: 57-60cm (22.5-24 inch)


Hi Beautiful girlies and guys! 
Often, people are unsure of which size of wig cap is going to fit them best. I feel it is only right to have some information for you on the general sizing guides and some information on HOW TO measure your beautiful head 
MYTH: It is easy to tell what size of head someone has by looking. Professionals do not need to measure heads!
TRUTH: This is not possible - due to the contours and shape of every head, it is imperative that you are measured / measure your own head sizing
It is IMPORTANT to note that circumference is not the only measurement that we need to consider. Front to Back, as well as ear to ear should also be noted. 
At Mimo Wigs, we can provide wig alteration on the majority of hand tied and wefted caps, and MiMo has been certified to do this for you lovely girlies out there wearing hair - if your cap needs to be brought in. 
JON RENAU have Provided a very handy tool that easily demonstrates how to measure for your wig, and also - their sizing chart. 
Most people will fall between different categories for the different measurements. for example, you may be an average circumference but petite front to back, and large ear to ear. You should ALWAYS choose the largest of the measurements. Caps can be adjusted at the other areas and brought in for you.


Colour Coding with wigs - it actually makes sense!

Do you ever see a wig, and hear people saying "Oh I wear shade 12FS8, but I quite like 24b22 as well" .....and you think - "WHAT ARE YOU ON ABOUT? That is a number, and some form of secret society code..... not a colour!"

I used to always wonder what the malarky was with wigs that have numbers/letter codes, and found it down right confusing! I would always opt to look for the Shade name! For example, with Jon Renau, one of the most popular shades throughout their ranges is 12FS8. To many, this is maybe no meaning at all colour wise, but they also have a shade name that you may know - "Shaded Praline". This is a blonde with a shaded brown root. 

I used to prefer looking for a colour name, as I have said. Nowadays, I actually look to see a colour code rather than name, as with just a little understanding - wig shades can be made SO EASY! I promise! So here is a little quick guide for you all, and I hope it clarifies and helps with the names and numbers / codes associated with your favourite hair-do's!

Lets start off with the LETTER CODES that can be associated with wig shades, that will help demystify a little! This explains the dispersion of shade throughout the wig. This is important and helps to understand why various shade colour numbers may be listed.

B - Blended

BT - Blended and Tipped

BR - Blended and Rooted

CH - Chunky Highlight

FS - Frosted Shade Highlights

FS* - Jon Renau Fashion Syrup (chunky highlight)

F* - Jon Renau Fashion (darker at nape)

GR - Gradient (Dark roots, light tips)

H - Highlighted 

HH - Human Hair

HL - Highlighted

M - the same as "B" - blended

MB - Mixed and Blended

MBF - Mixed, Blended and with darker Nape

R- Rooted

RH - Rooted with Highlights

RH* Jon Renau HH special colours: 33% highlights

RN* - Jon Renau Natural: HH slow process to maintain quality and integrity of HH


TTipped (colour mix on top, with tip different)

Swirl - blend of Streaks

Glow - Natural Image highlighted fashion chunk highlights 

Misted - Natural Image blended highlights throughout for a more natural appearance




Numbers have meanings, and once you realise what numbers mean what - with a combination of the above Letter Abbreviations - you can picture that shade perfectly! VOILA!


1- Jet Black

1B - Natural / Off Black

2 - Darkest Brown

4 - Medium - Dark brown

6 - Medium Chestnut Brown

8 - Light Chestnut Brown

10 - Medium Golden Brown

12 - Light Golden Brown

15 - Honey Gold Brown

20 - Iced Mocha (light brown/blonde)



14 - Medium Ash Blonde 

16 - Honey Blonde

17 - Medium Ash Blonde

18 - Dark Ash Blonde

19 - Strawberry Blonde Light

22 - Champagne Blonde

24 - Golden Blonde

24B - Butterscotch

24BS - Ginger Blonde (Light)

26 - Golden Blonde


27 - Strawberry Blonde (Medium)

27A - Auburn Light

27B - Peach tone

27MB - Amber 

27W - Strawberry and Copper mix

28 - Ginger Tea / Irish Red

30 - Light Auburn

30A - Red tone ginger - vibrant

130 - Copper Red

144 - Ginger Vibrant



31 - Burgundy Auburn

32 - Cherry Tone

33 - Dark Auburn

35 - Mahogany Red

99J - Plum Red

118 - Wine Tone Red

131 - Burgundy

258 - Darkest Brown with Burgundy

872 - Burgundy Red

888 - Plum Dark

V - Violet shade



44 - Dark Brown with Grey

48 - Light Brown with Grey

51 - Grey with Dark Brown

54 - Creamy White blonde Grey

56 - Grey with Brown blend

59 - Silver Grey

60 - Pure White Silver


96 - neutral blonde with vanilla tip

101 - Platinum

102 - Pearl Platinum Blonde

104 - Chardonnay White blonde

124 - Bright Warm Blonde Light

613 - French Vanilla Blonde

613A - White Blonde

1001 - White Blonde (Snow Blonde)

2613 - Vanilla blonde with warm cream

So there we have it - a very basic guide to common lettering and the number meanings on your beautiful hair! Soon to come - I will sort the comparison with the salon level grades of colour, but for now, voila - this is enough x

Lots of Love,



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